Monday, March 24, 2008

7am & 7pm

Just as I opened the door in the early morning of 7 to leave for Office, I was right in front of this Sunrise. A beautiful view, visible right from the door step. Could not resist capturing this. Stepped back to the room, picked up my cam and here's the picture.

Yet another awesome view from home. When I was back from Office in the evening, could not miss this view from my reading room. The dark scary clouds were all over the sky, covering the Singapore skylines seen at distance.


summer said...

what a gorgeous way to start the day!

(and end it....i love a storm coming in from the ocean!)

Peru said...

yeah really!
hey, long time not heard from you :)

summer said...

your blog is beautiful and full of optimism and a near poetic eye for lovely things.

my blog is mean spirited and more than a little trashy. i don't want that to rub off on you. i'll bet you even had to click "ok for adult content"!

the horror! please go photograph some butterflies or naked babies to rebalance your chi.


Peru said...

oops! i'm overwhelmed. anyways, thnx and i understand your stand :)