Sunday, January 31, 2010

Edge of Darkness

It's an action thriller movie with a good number of twists and suspense till the end. A cop's 24 year old daughter, who comes back home after a long time, is shot to death by some unknown in the doorstep of his house. The initial investigation reports that he was the intended target by his enemies. But as the story moves on, lots of secrets unravel the mystery that his daughter had a secret life and herself was the actual target. The cop also discovers that there is corporate-government connection with his daughter's murder. Why and how are the rest of the story.

Mel Gibson's comeback movie in a leading role after nearly 8 years. He plays a cop-father who wants to take revenge on his daughter's death and has done his part very well. The director of the movie is Martin Campbell, one who directed Bond movie - Casino Royale. But action sequences are comparatively less. The movie goes in its own pace. If you like a movie with more mysteries and few fast paced action sequences, then it is for you.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yanni's World Dance

Watch this 4 mins music video fully, I bet you'll love it once you've heard . It's one of those amazing and funfilling music pieces ever. Each one of the artistes plays with full of enthusiasm and joy creating a mood of happiness around. The song titled 'World Dance' was performed at famous composer Yanni's live concert at Las Vegas, USA, in 2004. The interesting aspect of the concert was that all the leading artistes were from 10 different countries. The leading artistes are Dan Landrum (dulcimer), Pedro Eustache (flute), Samvel Yervinyan (violin), Sayaka Katsuki (violin), Victor Espinola (harp), Armen Movsessian (violin), Zachary Carrettin (violin) and Walter Rodriguez (percussion) among others. Even the title 'World Music' would be apt for this music. Enjoy!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

google features - tips & tricks

I was just wondering at the various search options available in Google. I'm not talking about "Advanced Search" option where you can provide some additional information to filter your search requirements nor about "I'm Feeling Lucky" which will directly take you to the best related website.

I'm talking about the keywords or modifiers that can be used in the search criteria. Somehow came across one such keyword and I started exploring for more such modifiers. Here are some for you.

If you're looking for a specific file format in the internet, you can specify the same using the keyword 'filetype:'. For example, if you're looking for a pdf file on Apache tutorials, you can give your search query as "filetype:pdf Apache tutorials". If it is a PowerPoint file, then it should be "filetype:ppt Apache tutorials".

If your search is in a particular site, use the keyword 'site:' and specify the website where you are looking for. For example, " Kinabalu" would display all the pages from my blog that are related to Kinabalu.

Let's say you are looking for the sites which addresses carry a specific word. You can use the keyword 'inurl:'. For example, "inurl:africa". This will give the results of all the urls that contain 'africa'.

Forget about URL. You want to filter on the titles. Simply use 'intitle:' keyword like "intitle:avatar". Try to use the exact cases and within double quotes 'intitle:"Avatar" and your search results will be more closer to your expectations.

This one is similar to 'intitle:' except that the results are fetched from blog sites.

There are other keywords like time, temperature, capital among others used for queries related to any city or country. Note there is no colon (:). The result is also highlighted on on top of the page. If you want to know the current time of London, for example, just give "time London" and there you get the current time in London. Similarly works other keywords like temperature & capital.

Not just these. You may use the textbox (search box) just like your calculator. Simply type in the calculations and yout get the results right away. For example, input "1234+4321" and press enter and you have the result. You can try almost all operators like +, -, *, /, % (mod) and even ^ (exponent).

Aren't these amazing? It should be evident by now that why google still tops in the most popular search engines. Great.

Hope this article was useful atleast a bit. I think this is my first post on techy related stuff in spite of being in line for years. See you again soon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010 to one and all!!

This year's new year celebration was spent at Marina Bay fireworks show near Esplande. It was an abrupt decision as my initial plan was to go to Krishna Mandir and greet new year there with bhajans, chants, etc. There was even another last minute thought of going to Sentosa Siloso beach party. Finally ended up seeing the fireworks. I know Lord Krishna will still bless me. We were already late to the spot and could not get the perfect location for those perfect shots. However the pics are still good for eyes :)