Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marvellous Clouds

Last two days were rainy and it's still raining now at this time of blogging. I clicked the below pic from my room today when rain had stopped awhile.

Look at those clouds. Waaaaooouuw!!

Dinner at Boat Quay

Friday evening was filled with full of fun & joy in Boat Quay with my office colleagues. There was a dinner party in two different restaurants viz. Kushbu and Maharaja, the same night (??) organized by Suresh and Prakash together. The occassion is their ending bachelorhood, I mean these guys are getting married in the coming months ;) We had a very good time around the neighbourhood till late night. The guys present were Prakash, Suresh, Phani, Jay, Dilip, Madhu and myself.

Some of the pics are uploaded in my picasa album.

The below is one lovely pic where this rickshaw man is attempting to hit me. The fact is I didnt know of his such a pose until I downloaded the photos to my laptop. What a surprise! Oh man, you too?? :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nilave Mugam Kaatu

Nilave Mugam Kaatu
- by Ramichellakumar

A latest Tamil full novel by my mom published in this August issue of Tamil monthly PENMANI. I'm very happy that her work has come out after a very long time. Much more so because the magazine is available even in Singapore and I got a copy too.

This is her third full novel and I know how difficult it is for her to spare time for these activities as she would be engrossed with family, cooking, homework, housekeeping, etc. Great! mom. I expect more such books from you.

I just started reading it and so far completed only two chapters. Looks like the story goes around a teenage girl who is raised by her aunt. I've no idea how the story goes about.

Let me read this fully and come back again.