Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dinner at Boat Quay

Friday evening was filled with full of fun & joy in Boat Quay with my office colleagues. There was a dinner party in two different restaurants viz. Kushbu and Maharaja, the same night (??) organized by Suresh and Prakash together. The occassion is their ending bachelorhood, I mean these guys are getting married in the coming months ;) We had a very good time around the neighbourhood till late night. The guys present were Prakash, Suresh, Phani, Jay, Dilip, Madhu and myself.

Some of the pics are uploaded in my picasa album.

The below is one lovely pic where this rickshaw man is attempting to hit me. The fact is I didnt know of his such a pose until I downloaded the photos to my laptop. What a surprise! Oh man, you too?? :)


summer said...

apparently you under-tipped your driver. looks like a fun night!

we had "that guy" in a background picture from my trip to hawaii. it's one of my favorites!

Peru said...

ya, gud time. actually none of us paid him any tip, bcoz there's no 'tip'ng culture in S'pore. looks different, ah? :)

btw, is "that guy" a rickshaw man? or who? also i didnt find any such pic in ur hawaii album, may be u din upload.

Anonymous said...

heyya, Ros here, do u noe a Bq bar along boat quay, cause the rugby club i'm in is sponsored by it,

Peru said...

Hey Ros, nice to c u. bqbar? yes i noe.. corner with a small lane.. right?

Peru said...

i mean behind Harrys? next to 7/11 i guess ;-)

summer said...

it's a tiny picture so you probably can't see him. it was on my cousin's camera and she is computer illiterate-can't figure out how to make it bigger.

not a rickshaw guy, just some random person posing behind our group photo! i don't think they have rickshaw guys in the US. :)

ah!! i remember no tipping in china, either. they said the same for jamaica, but i assure you that you will get better drinks if you slip a $5 to the bartender. :)