Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cars recalled

A man travels in a Hyundai car at certain speed on an expressway and suddenly the door opens due to the door latch issue. When he is about to fall out, he finds Volkswagen to his right and manages to jump into it only to learn that the rear wheels got locked preventing him to take any turn. He is already in the middle lane highway. He dares to jump now to a Toyota on the right. OMG. The car is already out of control due to brake pedal damage and is going at very high speed. Now he manages to jump into Maruti on the left and learns that the fuel tank is almost empty due to fuel tank leakage. Oh no! But luckily he finds Honda on his left now and jumps to it. By the time he settles, a truck comes from the opposite direction in the same lane and hits the car. Unfortunately the car's airbag system fails and it doesn't inflate. What does he do now??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anagram of Singapore MRT

I was thinking of creating anagrams for the MRT stations here in Singapore and just when I came across this anagram of Singapore MRT stations from one of the websites, guess it's Black Coffee (Deprecated). Seems like the blog is not updated for quite a long time now. Although I want to create my own version of anagram, thought will share this one over here as it looks very funny and interesting. It's not fully appropriate though. For example, the anagrams for Khatib and Boon Lay are irrelevant. Anyways just enjoy with rest.

Below is the original map of Singapore MRT stations for your ready reference (if you happen to struggle with correct spellings ;))

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Night

Relax at ECP beach along with friends, Danny & Prakash, late in the night lying down on the sand watching the night sky and counting those stars with soothing sound of the waves in the background. Enjoy the dinner at Turkish restaurant, Kebab Station, with soft hot Pita breads and delicious dips like Salsa, Humus and Cacik followed by Vegetaria rice all along with sips of Milo Dinosaur. Back to seas sitting on the rocks near the shore with Carlsberg in a hand and chatting on the various subjects from science to spiritual to future plans and finally ending up the whole session at midnight with a lovely game of Bowling at Marine Bowl. One of the lovely ways to spend a Saturday night. Cool!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Avatar - World Record

James Cameron's Avatar has made a history in the world cinema with highest collection ever amounting to US$2 billions surpassing the record collection of US$1.8 billions made by Titanic. In the US alone, the movie has collected nearly US$595 millions while the rest of the collections come from foreign countries. France (including its integral parts like Algeria, Monaco & Tunisia) is the highest foreign contributor of about US$134 millions while China comes behind with total collection of US$127 millions. The other highest fetching countries are Germany, UK, Ireland, Russia, Japan, S.Korea, Australia, Spain and Italy among others contributing more than US$700 millions combined. To add further, Avatar is the highest grossing film ever in many countries like China, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, Russia among others.

On seeing the film's mega success, director James Cameron stated that he would come up with its sequel. Dont know when but one thing is sure that I will become old when sequal is finally released.