Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Avatar - World Record

James Cameron's Avatar has made a history in the world cinema with highest collection ever amounting to US$2 billions surpassing the record collection of US$1.8 billions made by Titanic. In the US alone, the movie has collected nearly US$595 millions while the rest of the collections come from foreign countries. France (including its integral parts like Algeria, Monaco & Tunisia) is the highest foreign contributor of about US$134 millions while China comes behind with total collection of US$127 millions. The other highest fetching countries are Germany, UK, Ireland, Russia, Japan, S.Korea, Australia, Spain and Italy among others contributing more than US$700 millions combined. To add further, Avatar is the highest grossing film ever in many countries like China, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, Russia among others.

On seeing the film's mega success, director James Cameron stated that he would come up with its sequel. Dont know when but one thing is sure that I will become old when sequal is finally released.


Guru De Fundae said...

Have u seen the movie? m yet to get a chance :-(

Peru said...

Oh yeah, in 3D version :D
It's a MUST SEE movie Guru. Watch it asap before the heat cools down ;)