Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rupee Font

While it may take months for the new Rupee symbol to appear on the keyboards due to involved technical procedures like Unicode Consortium approval, etc., the Rupee font is already out now in the market which is created by Foradian.

You can visit its website directly (click here) and follow the instructions given.

The steps are pretty simple.
1) Download the Font from the above site
2) Install it in your PC
3) Open the word document and type grave accent symbol i.e "`" (without double quotes). The font is mapped to grave accent symbol
4) Block the symbol ` and change the font to 'Rupee Foradian' from the drop down. And there you see the new symbol! Cool!!

Good work by Foradian!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Indian Rupee Symbol

Finally the world's fourth largest economy got a new symbol designed for its currency, Rupee. The new symbol of Indian Rupee, designed by IITian Udayakumar, was selected from over 3000 entries. The symbol will see its presence all over India in next six months and globally in next two years.

Jai Ho!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The story is simple and based on Ramayan which is clearly evident in the movie. However it's shown in a difference angle and that's director Mani Ratnam's style. The screenplay is not great. Vikram in a lead role proves again that he is an amazing actor. The getup and costume suit him good. Ash is 'shown' beautifully. Privthiraj shows good performance. I guess he'll appear in next couple of Mani's movies. Other actors like Prabhu, Karthik and Priyamani have performed good. But am disappointed that Karthik's and Prabhu's roles are wasted or not used fully. It's good to see Karthik after a long time.

The film is shot in various lush green forests like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashatra ghats. Some parts were also shot in Rajasthan and West Bengal. The movie is a real visual treat to the audience and huge junk of credits go to the technicians like Santosh Sivan & Manikandan for cinematography and Samir Chanda for art work. Ancient temple like settings amidst thick forest is beautiful. Climax fight's picturisation is extraordinary. Needless to say about A.R.Rehman for his background score. It's fantastic.

Enter the cinema hall without any expectations and you'll feel it's worth your money. However the movie did not impress me the way Mani Ratnam's other movies like Agni Nakshatram, Thalapathy, Roja or Bombay did.