Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mt. Kinabalu preparation

As a part of my preparation towards Mt.Kinabalu expedition on next month, yesterday I climbed 70 storeys up and down our HDB flat on stairways. With backpack weighing nearly 15kgs on back, I took elevator straight down to 1st storey from our 20th floor. Began climbing up from there till I reached 18th storey and then climbed down back to 10th storey and then up again to 25th and then down to 20th and then up till 30th and down and up and so on till my count reached 70.

Previously, I've climbed till 30 storeys several times. But this is the first time I touched the mark 70. Hurray!!


summer said...

there is something seriously wrong with you. my knees hurt just reading that.

i'm climbling to manoa falls tomorrow in honolulu. i prepared by going to the mall and buying bug spray and a cute tank top. i've also packed tennis shoes instead of only flip flops. :)

Peru said...

wrong with me?! ha ha ha. sometimes wrong decisions will end up in the right results ;)

Hawaii? wow! Interesting. with family or frnds?

neways, wish you a gr8 fun there. hope you'll like to share the pics n experiences once you return :)

summer said...

i've got a few pics on my blog. my girlfriend will have to post the hike pics because i forgot my camera that afternoon (sounds like someone else....)

went with my friend to attend my cousin's (like a sister) wedding.

Peru said...

don't say that "someone" is me ;-)

checked ur page.. pics are nice but only few pics.. so you're planning for the great Europe trip now.

Europe.. hmmm.. I've got a long way to touch Europe :-)

summer said...

hiking. is. crazy. and i'm going to assume that you could do manoa falls backwards, wearing MY flip flops, with your eyes closed. it was muddy and slippery and rocky. that one of us didn't fall and scrape a shin is simply amazing. some bird or monkey kept shrieking at us and we got all sweaty and gross. it was a good thing i bought that bug spray or we'd have never gotten out alive.

i'm going to stick with the ocean. we swam with dolphins and sea turtles!! so cute. you can keep your treacherous mountain hikes! (says the OBVIOUSLY spoiled suburban princess....)

Peru said...

Ah! you did hiking. Am shocked to hear that sub-urban princess did hiking!!. Juz trying to visualize how you could hav done that :)

OBVIOUSLY I would do Manoa falls backwards, but descending only ;)

And about dolphins and turtles. Although I hate Animal Planet channel, I'm amazed to hear that you swam with them. Great :)