Sunday, January 31, 2010

Edge of Darkness

It's an action thriller movie with a good number of twists and suspense till the end. A cop's 24 year old daughter, who comes back home after a long time, is shot to death by some unknown in the doorstep of his house. The initial investigation reports that he was the intended target by his enemies. But as the story moves on, lots of secrets unravel the mystery that his daughter had a secret life and herself was the actual target. The cop also discovers that there is corporate-government connection with his daughter's murder. Why and how are the rest of the story.

Mel Gibson's comeback movie in a leading role after nearly 8 years. He plays a cop-father who wants to take revenge on his daughter's death and has done his part very well. The director of the movie is Martin Campbell, one who directed Bond movie - Casino Royale. But action sequences are comparatively less. The movie goes in its own pace. If you like a movie with more mysteries and few fast paced action sequences, then it is for you.


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