Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yanni's World Dance

Watch this 4 mins music video fully, I bet you'll love it once you've heard . It's one of those amazing and funfilling music pieces ever. Each one of the artistes plays with full of enthusiasm and joy creating a mood of happiness around. The song titled 'World Dance' was performed at famous composer Yanni's live concert at Las Vegas, USA, in 2004. The interesting aspect of the concert was that all the leading artistes were from 10 different countries. The leading artistes are Dan Landrum (dulcimer), Pedro Eustache (flute), Samvel Yervinyan (violin), Sayaka Katsuki (violin), Victor Espinola (harp), Armen Movsessian (violin), Zachary Carrettin (violin) and Walter Rodriguez (percussion) among others. Even the title 'World Music' would be apt for this music. Enjoy!!


Guru De Fundae said...

Muuuuaaah!!!! Loved it!!!
No one can stop at one.

Once more :-)
Once more :-)
Once more :-)

Peru said...

Absolutely, can't stop with just once. I too love it and this is one of my favourites too :)