Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Nilave Mugam Kaatu

Nilave Mugam Kaatu
- by Ramichellakumar

A latest Tamil full novel by my mom published in this August issue of Tamil monthly PENMANI. I'm very happy that her work has come out after a very long time. Much more so because the magazine is available even in Singapore and I got a copy too.

This is her third full novel and I know how difficult it is for her to spare time for these activities as she would be engrossed with family, cooking, homework, housekeeping, etc. Great! mom. I expect more such books from you.

I just started reading it and so far completed only two chapters. Looks like the story goes around a teenage girl who is raised by her aunt. I've no idea how the story goes about.

Let me read this fully and come back again.


summer said...

your mom is a novelist? that's extremely cool!

Peru said...

yes. she's written 3 novels (including this) and about 30 short stories in Tamil language :)

Arun said...

Ohh Peru..
Now I remember, during our Sringeri trip you were telling me that your mom is a writer..
hmmm good..!!
Would like to read the same!

Peru said...

Hw nice! Do let me know ur views abt the book when you finally complete it :)

Mithra said...

I am in usa.I can't get this novel.Can u send me the soft copy please.My id is Thanks in advance.

Peru said...

hey mithra,
thnx 4 ur interest.
unfortunately, i dont have a soft copy of the novel :(
vy sorry abt it.
neways, wl try to get it :)