Wednesday, February 24, 2010

cars recalled

A man travels in a Hyundai car at certain speed on an expressway and suddenly the door opens due to the door latch issue. When he is about to fall out, he finds Volkswagen to his right and manages to jump into it only to learn that the rear wheels got locked preventing him to take any turn. He is already in the middle lane highway. He dares to jump now to a Toyota on the right. OMG. The car is already out of control due to brake pedal damage and is going at very high speed. Now he manages to jump into Maruti on the left and learns that the fuel tank is almost empty due to fuel tank leakage. Oh no! But luckily he finds Honda on his left now and jumps to it. By the time he settles, a truck comes from the opposite direction in the same lane and hits the car. Unfortunately the car's airbag system fails and it doesn't inflate. What does he do now??