Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bali - Day 5

Even on the last day, I had to (rather got an opportunity :) to ) explore around Bali all alone. I hired a cab for a day and visited Bedugul Lake, Ulun Danu temple and Taman Ayun temple. The rain began very soon and it poured heavily all the way adding more to my thrills. I took most of the pics in & around the lake with one hand while the other was holding an Umbrella that was rented for Rp 2,000. The whole day's experience remains unforgettable.


summer said...

i'm amazed by how bright the green is even with the rain.

is 2,000 rp good or bad?

Peru said...

Indonesian Rp 2,000 = .25 USD = .35 SGD (approx). That's very cheap I meant ;)