Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back from Kinabalu

Aah! I am back home in Singapore yesterday after a week long trekking (also tiring) expedition to Mt.Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia. I did summit the peak of 4095 metres ASL on 16th June at around 06:00 am just in time for sunrise. The whole of expedition was full of fun, adventure, thrills and so on. Made lots of new friends, learnt few lovely Malay words and ofc, clicked few snaps too. There are lots to talk about which I'll post later.

Yesterday, while in Kinabalu, I came across a beautiful Malay song which I found in the net today. Believe me I must have listened to it around 10 - 15 times just today alone even when I dont understand the lyrics. Even at this time of posting I'm listening to it. Oops! What happened to me? I'm sure I'm not missing Kinabalu. But then am I missing something or.... somebody? Waaaaaoooouuw!! ;-)

Here's the link:
I'll come back soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the song!!


summer said...

that song sounds you must be missing somebody! :) is her NAME waaaaoouuw? is that what that word is?

i'm looking forward to your sunrise shot!

Peru said...

unfortunately the sunrise wasn't very clear. the sun was hiding behind the clouds :( i'll post those pics next

am not sure what or whom i'm missing but definitely her name is not 'waaaaoouuw', hahah :)

waaaoouuw is my style of expressing 'wow' ;)

Peru said...

i'm not sure what the song is about but very eager to know the full wordings of the song. some malay friend shud help me out here :)

summer said...

your new pic is waaaooouuuw!! you're actually smiling!!

Peru said...

haha. thanx. sometimes I express my heart n soul ;-)