Monday, July 7, 2008

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone. One of my all time favourite heroes. The first movie that I ever saw in my life was his First Blood in 80's and started liking him since then. I have not watched much of his movies but few of them are my favourites like Rambo, Rocky, Cliffhanger, Victory (also known as Escape to Victory) and so.

Today (6th July) is his 62nd birthday and I still wish to see more wonderful action movies of him in the coming years.



summer said...

i'm here to make you jealous today:

i've met him. super funny, smarter than you'd think, and absolutely short.

isn't he making a rambo sequel right now?

Peru said...

hey, where're you all these day?

you really make me jealous. i wish to meet him once. i heard that he's really funny & a good entertainer.

btw, the latest sequel of Rambo is part 4 that was released juz a couple of months ago. And, i watched it already :-)

summer said...

rambo 4 already came out? and i missed it? :P i don't like that stuff. but wall-e was adorable and really pretty to look at.

are you boxing in this new pic or is the paparazzi bothering you? :)

i'm pouting because my girls aren't reading my blog. so i haven't been around. but i had to post a new one yesterday to recap the 4th of july holiday weekend.

THIS weekend will be much better...going to kansas to visit my mom and our friends from china will be meeting us there for a mini-vacation.

Peru said...

haha.. that's nothing but a kung-fu style copied from some chinese movies ;-)

i knew ppl like u wudn't like Rambo but like wall-e kinda movies. LOL. Wall-e is not my kinda movie :-)

dont worry if ur girls r not reading the blog. juz leave a msg to me and i'll start visiting ur page :-)

summer said...

people like me? hmmm....

female people?
smart people?
tasteful people?
'i'm not watching that violent propoganda' people?

you probably liked rocky 5- one of the WORST movies of all time! :)

Peru said...

Yeah, all those ppl, esp. female ppl. They only like romantic, comic or some graphics based movies ;)

is Rocky Balboa so bad? OMG. anyways, fyi, i didn't get a chance to watch this movie. but will watch soon :)