Monday, September 29, 2008

Pushing Airplane

What would you do normally when your vehicle say car or bike stops in the middle of a road and it doesn't move forward? As a first step, you'll try to move it off the road. Just imagine if that vehicle happens to be an airplane.


Hold on. It is very much possible.

One of the chinese domestic flight, Shandong Airlines, broke just after landing on the runway. Incidentally the tow truck also broke. Guess what? All 69 passengers and 7 crews of the plane were asked to get down and push the plane off the runway and they did it. Wow!!

Don't believe me? Check out here


Sankar said...

LOL. Btw, how do you know this?

summer said...

i've flown a chinese airline.

this is not surprising at all.


Peru said...

@Sankar, i accidently bumped into one of the news sites and found this :)

@Summer, did u any time come across such a situation of pushing a plane? hahaha.