Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last month I had been on trekking to Mt.Rinjani in Lombok island in Indonesia. This is second highest volcanic peak in Indonesia at 3726 mts above sea leavel and this trek happens to be my first in Indonesia and also a first trek ever to a volcano. It is said that Mt.Rinjani is second toughest mountain for trekking. With all these thoughts, I packed my stuff to join 8 members group for an 8 days trip from 15-Nov to 22-Nov.

The whole trip was a mix of adventure, fun, tiredness and so on. Lot of activities were involved in this trip viz. trekking on the big mountain, bathing at waterfalls, nature walking, hotspring, motorbiking in Lombok island, cycling around Ghili island, snorkelling in the sea, boating to Ghili island, partying at live band, etc..

The important part of the trip was 3D/2N trek to Mt.Rinjani. Commencing the trek from start point (1100 mts) and climbing up to base camp (2600 mts) on day 1 was not an easy job. The day 2 was more tougher. Trekking from basecamp (2600 mts) to summit (3726 mts), return to basecamp (2600 mts) and then climb all way down to the lake inside the crater (2100 mts). Day 3 was still more tougher and longer. Start off from lake camp (2100 mts) to climb up to the crater rim (2600 mts) and then down all the way to end point (1100 mts). Seems like I was the one who was carrying the heaviest backpack among all, around 14kgs. Aaah! my back and my legs!!

Whatever may be, this is another high altitude trek for me and remains significant to me in all aspects.


summer said...

i'm glad you had a fun adventure! congrats!

Peru said...

oh yeah.. lots of fun and lots n lots of adventures :)

vinod said...

beautiful background in the summit. very nice pic.