Sunday, October 25, 2009

15 miles of long walk

Yet another long walk yesterday. This time we walked about 22-23 kms of distance starting from Ang Mo Kio covering through Senkang, Buangkok, Hougang, Punggol and back through same neighbourhoods but via a different route during return. The whole walk took us about 5hrs 50mins (8:25pm to 2:15am) that includes 10mins break at Punggol.

This is my third continuous weekend long walk with Daniel in all three while second one with Magesh. The distance covered in the previous weekends walk are about 12kms and 15kms.

Good going! Hope to touch 30, 50 and 100kms soon ;)


Guru De Fundae said...

Keep Up the Good Work!

Raj said...

all the best for your 100kms walk.

Peru said...

Thanks Raj.

Thanks Guru. You too hav a share in my inspiration for walking. I've been regularly following up your articles on walking:)

Since it's a nite walk, didnt carry cam. Nite photography needs a lot of patience. Hwever plan'g to try out this week. Let me c :)