Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Half Marathon...

Finally, the wait is over. And the event too.

Ten days ago, I ran in Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2009 and completed my half marathon of 21.1 kms in 2:39 hrs chip timing. The finish time as per gun timimg however is 2:46 hrs.

I am kind of busy these days with lots of things and hence cannot write much now :( I'll soon come up with my experiences. Meanwhile just view these photos :)

- above: road closure for my run -
- above: my stuffs -
- above: just before the gun shot -
- above: my second medal ;) -
- above: my parents -
- above: with mom, Prakash and Tanmaya -
- above: one part of the event & people -
- above: another part of the event & people -

- above: entertainers -


Guru De Fundae said...

Take my bow!!!
Well Done!!!

Finally, all words are small in front of this stupendous achievement. Keep it up!!!

Chandru said...

kalakkare Peru!! :)


vinod said...

From biking to climbing to running. What next? jumping? hahaha!

Congrats for the medal, friend! Wish you good luck :)

Peru said...

thanks a ton bro! this is only a pebble. a huge mountain is still ahead of me :) need ur gud wishes & motivations always. thanks pal.

thanks da.

thanks friend. next ah? mmm... keep guessing ;)

Anonymous said...

well done peru!

Peru said...

thank u.