Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photographers, captured.

I tried to capture these photographers on my camera when they're trying to capture others :-)

Significantly, all these photographers are my good friends whom I captured when we had been on different trips to different places.

note: the photographer on pic 7 below is me & it's obvious that I could not have clicked it.

You can expect Part 2 very soon :-)


Prabul said...

Good topic though :)
Naish snaps

Peru said...

Thanks pal!!

Peru said...

Hey Prabul, did you observe 8th pic? That's you man, taken during mullayanagiri/kemmangundi trip. You're capturing Arun.

summer said...

i like your photos! super gorgeous....and so fun with the pics of people taking pics.

i hope to accidentially stumble across them again. :)

Peru said...

Thanks a lot. But you don't have to stumble hereafter, instead, directly check in here :-)