Sunday, January 27, 2008

sunset from home

This is my very first shot taken in Singapore in 2008. This was taken exactly at 6:59 pm yesterday (26th January, 2008) from inside the house kitchen. I thought of capturing the whole sun initially but realized that the image would not appear to be as much impressive as this one.

The golden yellow sky with the fireball kind of bright sun in the center position is the only best view that you can get in a whole day. The building silhoutte in the foreground is an added beauty to this picture. Taken the same day at around 7:05 pm from the bedroom.


Prabul said...

Sorry, that looks like a smog filled polluted atmosphere :(

Sesha said...

You can have a different profession in hand other than IT man!!!
Cool pics !!

Peru said...

Thanks la. Juz think that this is part of the preparation ;-)

Is't so? May be you're right. Anyways, thnx dude.