Thursday, March 6, 2008

Go Green!


One of the best colors with which nature looks beautiful. Now this green is diminishing gradually day by day due to the so-called modernisation of our globe. Now only 30% of the total land area on our earth is covered by forests down from about 50% centuries ago. Every human on this planet is responsible for the current situation of global warming. Let's try to conserve greens & save our planet. World Environment Day falls on June 5 every year. But you need not wait for a date to do your duty.

Try to following the below principles at your level best.

1) Switch-off the vehicle engine when not in signals or halt

2) Power off your PC or atleast Monitor while leaving office
3) Whenever possible, use fans instead of A/Cs
4) Use a cloth bag for shopping
5) Reduce not just plastics but even paper usage
6) Don't waste water
7) Try to wash clothes with minimal water
8) Dispose wastes only in the area meant for it
9) Plant atleast one sapling/tree every month
10) Try to give off to your vehicles and PC atleast a day in a month

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
— Mahatma Gandhi

I do follow the above principles to my best. Do you?


summer said...

don't forget recycling! and stop drinking out of disposable plastic bottles! buy yourself something cute (like my lilo and stitch water bottle) and reuse reuse reuse!

Peru said...

rightly said!!