Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bukit Timah

Finally, I summitted Bukit Timah, Singapore's highest peak, today along with other trek-mates. Although, its height is a mere 164mts ASL (2% of Mt.Everest's), BT (Bukit Timah) has had always been on my to-do-list for long time, simple reason being that it's highest peak in Singapore. Today, it was done as a part of fitness preparation for our Mt.Kinabalu trek due in coming June.

There are various trails in BT winding along the hill ranging from easy to hard level. The hill is fully densed with lush green tropical forest. We started our trek (can I call so?) from visitor's center covering Rock Path, Summit Path, North View Path and finally Jungle Fall Path, passing summit on the way in Summit Path. Since the whole trek took only an hour and we wanted still more, we made another round along the same trail making ourselves fully exhausted (??).

Although, BT is never considered by a hard core trekker, there's no reason it should not be done.

Bukit Timah, for a short & easy trek trail.

Note: Unfortunately, I went without cam. Will post the pics next time when I go with one.


summer said...

i think mountain climbing probably balanced your chi. ;) but how on earth could you not take your camera??!!

Peru said...

yeah, it's wonder even to me. but it happens sometimes :)