Friday, April 11, 2008

remembering my bike

which is pulsar

In the last few years, there've been three things very close to me. One of them is my bike, Pulsar. We have travelled together lots & lots, to near & far, in sun & rain, with plans & without plans. Now I'm missing it a lot since leaving my place. But I know for sure that I'll get it back when I'm back to Bangalore and we would do lot more bikings all over again. Meanwhile, here're some of the pics of my bike in the beautiful backdrops.


summer said...

so is the bike's NAME pulsar or is that what kind of bike it is? because if you've named your motorcycle, i'm going to have to make fun of you.

and are the other 2 things you're missing going to be jealous that you've devoted so much space to pulsar? :)

Peru said...

Pulsar is named by the manufacturer :) Hwver I call it as 'Black Eagle' for which there's a story behind. Okay. Now let me know hw u gonna make fun of me ;)

Btw, other 2 thngs are nt worried as they're aware that they're on their way ;)

summer said...

black eagle? (snicker)

let me caught air on one of your treacherous hikes....


Peru said...

ofc, caught air sometimes but that's not the only reason :)

'Black' = color of bike
'Eagle' = king of the skies & so shud be my bike on the streets ;)

Also it is a designated vehicle for Hindu God Vishnu.

vidhya said...

Nice post about ur bike. My first bike (oops should I call it a bike) was TVS champ. It was so close to my heart that I just refuse to sell it when I was getting a new one. When my parents sold it I almost got tears in my eyes and felt as though a family member is going out.

Peru said...


Yeah, you're right. There's some kind of bonding, you know, that is inexpressible.