Friday, May 9, 2008

Cyclone Nargis

One of the deadliest natural disasters and the second biggest in Asia since Tsunami of Sumatra in 2004 (the first being Earthquake in Pakistan in 2005 which killed more than 70,000).

Nargis cyclone hit Myanmar in the first week of May resulting in the worst damages to the country & its people. As per the official reports, more than 22,000 are dead while more than 40,000 are missing. However some reports from U.S. agency in Myanmar estimate the toll to cross 100,000. Helps have already started flowing in from United Nations and various countries including U.S., India, Thailand among others.

May I wish the affected people of Myanmar for a quick recovery and peaceful life ahead.

God bless them!!


summer said...

can you add the victims of the earthquake today in china? i have a soft spot for china and their beautiful children....may they find peace.

Peru said...

sure.. may they find peace.