Thursday, May 15, 2008

Prambanan - Day 4

After viewing the beautiful sunrise at wonderful Borobudur in the early morning, we headed towards Prambanan, the largest Hindu temple complex in Indonesia which is also a World Heritage site. The remnants of this huge temple complex are 3 main temples dedicated for Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu and 2 small temples for their vehicles. The original temple complex housed 224 temples when it was built around 856 A.D. during the era of Rakai Pikatan (famous king from Sanjaya dynasty in Java). The other temples are destroyed at varous times by various sources. I shall come up with more details later.

On the way, we also visited a small Buddha temple, Mendut. Here are some pics.

last day's stuffs to continue...


summer said...

i love love love the sepia toned photos. they look completely vintage like you were there in 1920 (which, i'm guessing, would have offered you the same view).

i'm also wondering if you fould any reference to your bike in Lord Vishnu's vehicle temple. ;)

Peru said...

Ha ha.. you still remember my bike? Gr8 :)

Oh yes. Actually the temple of Lord Vishnu's mount (Garuda or Eagle) exists right in front of his temple. However it's under renovation completely covered by scaffoldings :(