Friday, June 20, 2008

Dasavatharam - My Review

This is my first review of any movie online and now I realise how difficult it is to review a movie completely. It is just my opinion and need not agree to others.

The backbone of the movie is Kamal Hassan who has taken up ten different roles in the movie and each look is different from the other except 1 or 2. Again every character has some importance in the movie except US President Bush which I feel is not at all necessary for the story. This character should have been like some Secretary or Security Minister or so. The getup of main villain character, Fletzer, does not look like a hollywood personality. The face is big compared to the body. The Kafi Ulla character was boring initially but later gets attention due to sitcoms. Showing him as tall and brahmin 'Paati' as short, graphically, is a good attempt. I'm still not clear as to why the first part of the movie (Rangaraja Nambi) is present. The main character is the smart Govinda samy and the best comic character is Balaram Naidu. At times you may be forced to think that some characters are forcefully thrusted in when unnecessary. But I feel that it's purely our phsycological thinking. Just see them as different characters and not as diferent Kamals.

Asin has done a good job, also in a comic role. Actors like Nagesh, KR Vijaya, P Vasu, Santhana Bharathy, R Sundarajan, etc.. are not given any importance at all. Songs are better to listen while watching the movie than to hear only audio. I found the BGM in trailor is much better than in the actual movie.

Graphics FX is extensively used throughout the movie but does not look realistic or perfect in many places eg. in the initial part of carrying the statue via the river, the climax part of tsunami, etc.. Though they are good attempts, they still needs more improvisation.

I can easily make out the efforts that Kamal has put in not only the make up but also in the screenplay.

Before watching the movie, I removed all the expectations/imaginations from my mind. I did not think of even the latest blockbuster Sivaji. Everybody has his own style and Kamal has one too.



summer said...

this is not playing at my theatre. :) sarkar raj is, though!

i'm holding out for wall-e. i love disney!

Sankar said...

I feel the movie is not worth its hype :-(

It's another Mumbai Express!!

Peru said...

Wall-e? basically i dislike the robot movies. hwever now waiting for TRANSFORMER II ;)

Opinion differs :)