Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Leh 2006 - revisited 2

These days I'm struck with the great Himalayan fever again. Very eagerly waiting for the next season to recuperate my sickness. September 2006 Himalayan biking remains as unforgettable experience as October 2007's lonely travel to Cambodia or June 2008's Mt.Kinabalu expedition.

Here are some of the pic(k)s from the himalayan trip.


Anonymous said...


summer said...

i like the pic leaning against the sign. very 'easy rider' circa 1970.

you're nuts for biking/walking/driving on those mountain roads. i get anxious just looking at them. i'm pretty sure they've not passed any sort of highway safety inspections.

Peru said...

there is a synonym for this word 'nuts'. PASSION. anyone who sees such places will go nuts :)
i meant such are wonderful & most beautiful places ;)

you may be right. most of these roads are either under indian military control or accessed only by few ppl. so there is no safety standards for general public. most of the stretches were only gravels and very narrow. one has to take caution for himself.