Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sentosa Island

The home for fun and entertainment activities, Sentosa is closely adjacent to Singapore and is a major tourist attraction.

People might laugh at me but it is a fact that this is the first time that I visited Sentosa in my two years of stay in Singapore. Either friends were not ready when I was interested or I was not interested when friends wanted to go :)

The day was filled with full of fun with other friends, Prakash & Srini. We reached Sentosa at 3pm and immediately took part in Luge & Sky ride. Although these rides are not new to me, I always enjoy them. Then Cineblast. 3D movie with seating effects simulated with Roller Coaster. Awesome experience. But it's bad that the show was only for 5 mins. After enjoying my favourite Carrot Cake and Vanilla Latte in The Coffee Beans during a short break, we went on to watch the famous & climax show, Songs of the Sea, in the late evening only to welcome the heavy rains with lightning and thunders.

Songs of the Sea is a special Laser show in open air using water, fire, lights & music. Wow!! Nice. It was more thrilling as we watched the show with almost wet in the rains (although ponchos on). Waaaaooouuw!! At the sametime, feel very bad because my camera had to sleep inside the bag :(

More photos are uploaded in my picasa album


summer said...

that sounds like a great time! and now i know what to get you for christmas!
:) of those plastic bag things for your camera. i used one for my junky automatic and was able to take it underwater for dolphin shots!

summer said...

this pic looks like accidental porn. ;)

Peru said...

oops!! never realized that pose ;)

showed to my fren and had to delete it on his request :(

Peru said...

u are talking abt waterproof bag or camera? in either case, i'll send u my mailing address :)

and where are those pics of underwater dolphins? have they come out well?

summer said...

poor friend...that was a hilarious pic, though!

my underwater dolphin pic is at my blog on june 4. i feel the need to point out that these were wild dolphins, not part of some trained 'dolphin swim' and that i can't wear my glasses underwater. :( so i can't see. you send me a prescription snorkel mask and i'll send you a camera bag.

aside from that, i used a watertight bag over my cannon elph, so i was pretty happy with the couple of pics i got. especially for the cost of the bag ($9) but when we did the second dive, my lens got stuck and i didn't realize it. i missed a gazillion pics of the cutest sea turtle. but i learned i need to leave more air in the bag...for my next beach trip.

i don't think that matters for you, though, because you seem to be a mountain guy and would just need to protect from rain.

Peru said...

that was really a funny pic indeed.. showed it to frens and everyone busted out! LOL!!

Barter system back into force.. exchange snorkel mask with camera bag.. :)

i think i missed that underwater pic in ur blog.. lemme chk again..

whether underwater or rain, the matter is abt water.. so i need a bag :)