Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long Walk = 27 kms

Last thursday, 18th Sept, I decided to walk home from office i.e. from Jurong East to Ang Mo Kio. Not knowing the exact distance and route, I took prints of few maps, marked the routes on them unsure about the exact distance.

Reset my pedometer and left Jurong at about 6:15pm. Initially it was interesting for photography. As time past, distances crossed, the walk turned more brisk. As my walk got more brisk, I noticed that the landmarks on the map were not visible anywhere. I was bit confused. Kept walking and walking and finally reached a point which, to my shock, happened to be a dead road. I had reached Harbour Drive near Jurong West Coast Road which was not in my route map at all. Due to LITTLE carelessness I had deviated from my marked route. By now, I had walked about 10+ kms. Decided not to step back from the journey. Continued my journey and started walking towards the way I came from. That SMALL mistake costed me about 6kms.

Learnt a lesson. Corrected my route. Careful not to repeat mistake. Walked, walked and kept walking. The route that I followed are Boon Lay Way, commonwealth Avenue west, Ave 5, Ave 2, Clementi Rd, Bukit Timah Rd (Dunearn Rd), Adam Rd, Lornie Rd, Thomson Rd, Marymount Rd and Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1.

It was 11:45pm when I reached AMK. After 5:30 hrs, the journey came to an end. Wooohooo! what a relax when reached home. I had not sat anywhere on the whole journey. Had stopped at 7/11 shop at two places to get some snacks/drinks. Pedometer read 27kms. Of which 21kms the distance from Jurong East to Ang Mo Kio while 6kms is the result of LITTLE carelessness ;-)

Got home, enjoyed hot shower, had some fruits and finally 1..2..3..sleeeep.

Now, you may ask why I took up this loooooong walk. what is the purpose? what did I achieve?

Not one but there are many answers. First reason is I like walking. Others are to burn fat, training for upcoming treks, fitness program, see Singapore's beauty, etc.

The journey will continue.


Anonymous said...

onece again, u r TOO free.


Peru said...

i've tons of ideas on hw to make oneself free. let me kno if u need ne ;)

wolfy said...

maybe i shld try one day after work... hopefully my pic wont ended up at missing person poster..

Peru said...

haha... juz tell me which day u gonna walk.. i've to check missing ppl posters the next day ;)

Sankar said...

have you fixed any wheels in your legs?