Sunday, December 28, 2008

Transporter 3

It's not months since I watched the mega action movie, James Bond's Quantum of Solace, I began looking out for its next sequel even knowing that it'll be ready only after a year or so. Transporter 3. The latest action movie. It looks to me like it was released to fill the long gap for the action movie likers :)

If I saw Quantum of Solace on the first day of its release here, I got to see Transporter 3 much earlier than its official release on 1 Jan 2009. Yes. I saw the sneak preview.

Story is short and simple. A transporter is assigned a job to deliver a kidnapped girl to her father. He is instructed by the kidnapper, also a businessman, to keep moving from place to place until his contract, which effects the environment, is signed by the girl's father, a minister.

Jason Statham is the hero in this third sequel too. Charming and muscular though not much expressions on his face. Another important character of the movie, to be talked about, is Audi A8. A wonderful car. One of my favourite cars too :) The villain's performance is good. The main actress is not so attractive.

Movie is full of action and chasing with few comic (or funny) scenes here and there.

Final comment: WORTH YOUR MONEY.


summer said...

ugh. REALLY?

what percentage of the movie is he shirtless? that might make it worthwhile.....

Peru said...

haha.. very few scenes though. it's still much better than 'Seven Pounds' that I watched today. aah! the movie is so boring. don't really understand how WillSmith could accept this role :S