Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yet another awe-inspiring movie from the director James Cameron, who in the past has given wonderful movies like Aliens, Rambo 2, True Lies, Terminator (1 & 2) & Titanic among others. Initially while watching the trailors I was bit averse to poeples' opinions that the movie is a box office success. However after watching the movie in 3D version, I change my opinion. I feel it is one of the amazing movies ever in hollywood.

The movie has been made with the use of advanced motion capture animation technology which is much diferent from the traditional motion capture animation technology used in the past. In the traditional method, the digital animation work takes place after the shooting is completed. In the current technology used, the animation work takes place live along with the shooting. In addition, to make it perfect, they have used something called skull cap for each actor which would capture the facial expressions & eye movements perfectly. And above all these, the movie is filmed in 3D as well as traditional 2D.

Coming to other aspects of the movie; the story is pretty decent unlike some science fiction or animated movies. It has 'masala' ingredients like romance, humor, emotion, action & so on. The screenplay and the sequences of the events are stupendous. The visual effects are truly mindblowing. Background music is too good.

Final comment: MUST SEE MOVIE (if watching in 3D).

PS: I was trying to book the movie online in Cathay - AMK Hub (as it is very close to my house) and seemed like there was unusually a huge traffic in its server's bandwidth. My 5 minutes session was getting timed out everytime while selecting the seats. Once it even happened while my credit card payment was getting processed. Uuuff! In all I had spend nearly 2 hours to finally complete the bookings. Too much of patience I have :) Btw, know what showtime I booked for? 00:45 hrs. Yes, midnight ;) But believe me no signs of midnight or sleep. Such was the movie. I believe the same with the huge crowd that was present in the movie hall.


manohar said...

James Cameron is indeed a genius. I'm going to watch the movie today evening :)

Peru said...

As of 29/Jan/10, the movie has grossed US$1.9 bln to become the highest collection ever beating even the Titanic's record collectin of US$1.8 bln. The collection is still increasing :O