Monday, December 28, 2009

learning MALAY on the go...

I had been to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, few weeks ago and caught these message boards written in Malay. Whenever I travel to Malaysia, I learn some Malay words through various sources but somehow forget some of them the moment I reach Singapore :( So this time decided to capture them permanently in my camera and then slowly transfer to my brain :))

Note: The translation is on as is method. So may be wrong grammatically ;) If any word is wrong or not apt, please correct me.
Remember, all these are just for fun :))

- reminder -
- saturday week - 17 cents/30 seconds -
- place gathering during emergency -
- danger -
- limit height -
- caution branch danger - reduce speed -
- entry -
- caution - people blind passage -
- area voltage high -
- except emergency -
- caution - area accident reduce speed -
- caution - lamp signal is ahead
- reduce speed - area palace -
- caution reduce speed -


Anonymous said...

Heyya Peru!
HAhahahahaha..yout post are exact direct translations ei!

The second one;s sabtu minggu... means saturday sunday, that translates to the weekends.

and e other,its blind person crossing..(how i hav no idea also), high voltage area,and lampu isyarat is traffic light,

and i was in KL on the 19th December at the Royal Selanggor Club at Bukit Kiara for rugby!


Peru said...

Thanks Ros. I thought 'Ahad' is Sunday.

Good to know that you're back to rugby now. Had it been a week earlier, I'd come to cheer your team up! :)

Sarah said...

Ahad = Minggu = Sunday :)

And "caution branch danger - reduce speed" should've been "caution bend danger - reduce speed" :)

Peru said...

Hi Sarah, thanks.

Corrected my understanding :)
Now my Malay is improved further ;)