Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sandhosh Kumar

Everest season has almost begun and lots of adventurers are on their final preparation for set off. And one of them is Sandhosh Kumar, an Indian from Singapore. Like many, in the past, he too seems to have quit his job just for Everest. Apart from his personal thirst for Everest, he claims to climb Everest to create awareness on child sexual abuse in India. To raise funds for the same, he is carrying a banner containing comman individuals' photos to the top of world. Those who wish to have their photos included, may check out his website given below.

He is leaving Singapore next week for Everest journey. Once he's on top of the world, he becomes the first Indian Singaporean to summit Mt.Everest. Wish him good luck for summit and safe return home.

You may wish to follow him more on his website - http://climbeverestwithme.com/

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