Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mt.Everest 2010 - statistics

The latest statisics on Mt.Everest is out now. Alan Arnette, a speaker and mountaineer, has posted in his site statistics details based on report from Ang Tshering Sherpa, a famous expedition organizer from Nepal. The report is extracted from the database maintained by the famous Himalayan journalist Ms.Elizabeth Hawley.

The total number of summits on Mt.Everest has crossed the 5000 mark this year to stand at 5070. However the actual number of persons who climbed are only 3431, which means the remaining 1639 are repeat climbers.

The number of summits this year, 2010, alone so far is 513, of which 268 are first time summiteers while the rest are repeat summiteers. Of the total 513, 347 climbed from South side or Nepal (of which 190 are sherpas & rest are foreigners) and around 165 climbed from North side or Tibet.

A final note. Although there is no official list or figure or whatsoever of Mt.Everest summits with anyone, the database maintained by Ms.Elizabeth Hawley is considered by many to be more than 90% accurate.


Guru De Fundae said...

This year has been truly amazing for Everest climbers. Many youngsters have been successful scaling it with aplomb. Sounds a ton encouraging. So, when are you planning for the summit?

Peru said...

Yes Guru. There were atleast 2 youngsters under 20yrs from India too who did climb this year. I plan for 2012 which depends on my trainings in the rest of this year and 2011. At the most, I should do in 2013. Let's see what God's will is :)

Guru De Fundae said...

Fab Idea!!!
Wish you a ton of success dude!!!

I tend to think I am a tad old for it now :-( Dream is to scale Mont Blanc before PhD. Let's see if the world conspires...

Best Wishes,

Peru said...

Thanks pal!
Oh! Mont Blanc?! You can very well do it. Put some efforts and build some interests :)

Btw, it's there in my next year's list. Let's see if we can be climb it together :)