Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ken & Esther to climb Everest...

As most of you know that I keep track of the happenings on the great Mt.Everest every peak season out of my huge passion for the mountain, I've got a special reason to do so this year. My good friends and Mt.Chola expedition mates Kenneth Koh and Esther Tan are all set to begin their two months long expedition to Everest this spring season. Both of them are climbing from North side (Tibet) and when they finish that successfully they would become the first Singaporeans to do so from North side.

With Ken & Esther during send off dinner
To say a few words about them, Kenneth is an adventurer, freelance writer, photographer and an ex-pilot from a reputed airlines in Singapore while Esther, who works in Singapore Navy, is also an adventurer, athlete and one of the top finishers of her grade in the recently held Aviva Iron Man 70.3. Looking at their hard works, trainings and determination, I'm sure they deserve all the good wishes on their attempt.

Good luck both Ken & Esther.

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Raj said...

My best wishes to Ken and Esther for their successful Everest summit.