Friday, July 18, 2008


She is now with me
at this place, at this time.
India to Singapore, she flew with me
no visa, no ticket, still no crime.

She appears in no time
and disappears with no sign.
Don't know where she comes from
but her presence is sweeter than plum.

Biking or driving
trekking or travelling
at times, she shows her presence
leaving behind with me her essence

Known little to many
or hardly to any,
She has been not juz a good
but the best since my childhood.

She ensures that she's with me
when wishes turn to ashes
when dreams go to trashes
or when plans meet crashes

She flies to me in seconds
when loved ones care less
when ppl misunderstand me
or even when god disappoints me

She spends time with me
when nobody is there around
when in the sorrows, I'm drowned
or even when burden grows beyond bounds

let me do whatever
let me go wherever
She always reminds me that
She's there for me, forever


wolfy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peru said...

hey wolfy, what happened? where's the comment? :o

Sankar said...

eppidrra? ennamo popa.
liked it da. keep them flowing ;)

summer said...

that makes me sad....

Peru said...

@Sankar, marupadiyum thnx da.

@Summer, sry abt that. juz can't say anything else or more :(