Sunday, July 20, 2008

Midnight Photography

It is really a wonderful experience to do click click click in the midnights. Waaaaaoooouuw!! Although I've done lots of midnight biking in India, this is my first midnight photography and it really satiates my personal thirst of peaceful lonely night strolling :)

Now I've decided to do this very often and improve my photography skills to the furthest. Unlike this time, I must carry a tripod going forward to use it when required.

Happy midnight strolling aka midnight photography ;)


Sankar said...

edho.. konja sumara.. paravayille... nallave.. romba pramathama irukku :)
In your style "Wow!" ;)

Sankar said...

btw, why this new getup?

summer said...

#8 is my fav. it reminds me of batman. :)

sankar, don't point out his new bio picture. at least he took down the elvis one.

Peru said...

@Sankar, thanks da. new getup is juz for fun :)

it means u like batman movies, right? ;)
hey, I thot the Elvis one was very good.. mmm, felt vy bad :(

summer said...

i saw batman yesterday! i love a big summer movie.

you couldn't see your eyes in the elvis picture. and that's not good.